Windrush Immigration Cases

The Windrush cases has been a defining moment in the history of the UK migration challenges. Mistakes have been made. Drastic immigration decisions included the requirement to demonstrate their right to rent, to live, work and even have a bank account in the UK.

The Home Office recognised that their system was causing problems for some people who lived in the UK for most of their lives.

For the Windrush generation, the Home Office has promised to grant them British Citizenship. We can help you to get the documents to prove your right to live here.

If you have lived in the UK permanently since before 1973 and have not been away for long periods in the last 30 years, you have the right to be here.

If you came to the UK during the 1970s but after 1 January 1973 then you are not likely to have an automatic right to be here. However, you may be allowed to stay here permanently.

If you need help with getting hold of documentation that will prove how long you have lived here continuously, or an application to stay here, or if you have general questions about your status, please get in touch with our immigration experts and we will help you.

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