Politics, especially international politics, economic and social changes have long and lasting impact onĀ  our day to day lives. This has resulted in the last decades on crimes with an aggravated element. We have seen an increase in aggravated assaults cases. Racist and religious crime have different charges. We will update you on the changes, the procedures and the way forward.

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How to decide?

  • Did the perpetrator make any derogatory comments that target any ethnicity, race, nationality or religion, (including caste, converts and those of no faith)?
  • Was it a sustained attack?
  • Did the perpetrator us violence, cruel, humiliating or degrading?
  • Was cruelty, humiliation or degradation involved?
  • What were the circumstances of the incident? Was the incident coinciding with specific festival, carnival or ceremony associated with a specific community, race, nationality or reliegion?
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