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About Us

We are a Law Firm based in South East London. A. Vincent Solicitors specialises in Family, Housing, Employment, Crime, Prison Visits, Police Station Attendance and Immigration Law. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to deliver results.


Our Immigration lawyers/caseworkers provide Immigration & Nationality Services on behalf of individuals who wish to migrate to the UK. Whether you are applying for a visa or a work permit for the first time or appealing a refused application, our lawyers/caseworkers will provide you with exceptional immigration advice, insight and strategic solutions. Our goal is to provide your with sound legal advice and information on how to secure visas and work permits promptly, providing expert assistance and ensuring effective Immigration and Nationality Services.


We also do or try our best to assist you with the  task of making an immigration application as we understand the complexities of Immigration Law. A sound legal advice  assist you in avoiding your visa or work permit unnecessarily refused.


A. Vincent Solicitors, as immigration law firm, will assists  thousands of individuals and companies around the UK navigate their way successfully through the complex process of applying for work permits, family dependant visas, naturalisation/citizenship, and indefinite leave to remain/permanent residence.


Find out if you qualify. We provide full immigration application services. For those who do not require a full service, we also have a comprehensive application review service. Finally, we also offer one-hour consultations for a fee of £50, deductable if you instruct us.